Collection: Natural body deodorant

High-quality Dagier natural deodorant balm designed to effectively eliminate bad odors, not just mask them, without relying on harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances that directly affect our health. It is a carefully selected mixture of natural ingredients that are safe for the skin and the environment, thus achieving a fast-acting and long-lasting product that provides freshness with properties that help even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of spots or hyperpigmentation.

Formulated with a wonderful blend of essential oils like bergamot and neroli, plus skin-nourishing coconut oil, we've created a smooth, solid deodorant that glides on cleanly and keeps you odor-free. Turmeric helps neutralize and prevent body odor naturally. Shea butter comforts and coconut oil soothes underarms after shaving, while powerful ingredients eliminate odors. Free of aluminum and parabens, our creamy formula is gentle enough for sensitive skin. It keeps you dry, odor-free and you feel fresh all day, naturally.

Direction: After cleansing the skin, apply an appropriate amount of this product to the armpits and areas that tend to sweat a lot.

Precautions: For external use only, avoid direct contact with eyes. If you experience skin discomfort or allergic symptoms appear, contact your doctor. Keep in a cool place and out of reach of children.